Leonardo 101: Welcome to Leonardo.Ai

Leonardo 101: Welcome to Leonardo.Ai, webinar recap

In our webinar, Leonardo 101: Welcome to Leonardo.Ai, our Senior Creative Technologist, Jessie Hughes, guided participants through the powerful features of our AI-driven creative suite. 

If you missed the session or want a refresher, here’s a recap of the key insights and step-by-step instructions to jumpstart your journey with Leonardo.Ai.

Image Generation Basics

Navigate to Image Generation on the Leonardo app homepage to get started. 

From here, simply enter a detailed prompt that describes your desired output. Use the Prompt Improver on the right-hand side of the prompt box to enhance your prompt. You can choose from various presets to apply specific styles or dive into the advanced settings to fine-tune your results.

Take Control with Image Guidance

Take your image generation up a notch with our Image Guidance feature. Here’s how:

  • Character Reference: Upload an image to keep character details consistent across multiple generations.
  • Style Reference: Define your aesthetic by providing a style reference.
  • Content Reference: Ensure your composition and visuals align with your vision by uploading a content reference.

Access these options conveniently from the Image Guidance menu located on the left-hand side of the prompt box.

Sketch-to-Image with Realtime Canvas

Bring your sketches to life with the Realtime Canvas. Enter a prompt, start sketching and watch as the AI instantly transforms your drawings into images.

As you adjust your brush strokes, the AI-generated output will adapt in real-time, giving you instant feedback and endless creative possibilities.

Enhance Image Quality with Universal Upscaler

Refine your generations and create high resolution images with the Universal Upscaler. This tool allows you to upload an image, or select one from your Personal Feed. Tweak Creativity Strength and Upscale Multiplier to control the artistic intensity and size of the final image.

Hit Generate and the Universal Upscaler will process your image, delivering sharp, print-ready results that are perfect for any professional or personal project.

Add Motion to Your Images

Create captivating, dynamic video by adding Motion to your images. In the Image Generation tool, click the motion icon to access the settings. 

Adjust the motion strength, with higher values creating more movement, and hit Generate to bring your image to life.

Learn More about Leonardo.Ai

Be sure to experiment with different tools and settings to cultivate your unique creative style. We’re excited to see what you’ll create! 

Stay tuned for more webinars, including intermediate and advanced tutorials, as your continue your AI-powered creative journey.