How pointdot Elevates Marketing Content with Leonardo.Ai

Pointdot office AI generated with Leonardo, waterfront and tropical

pointdot, a full-service digital performance marketing agency, is is transforming the way they craft content for client campaigns with Leonardo’s AI-first creative suite.

Discovering the Power of AI for Marketers

Serving small and medium-sized businesses, pointdot offers a comprehensive suite of services including paid ads, content management and creation, SEO and CRM. With a focus on pushing creative boundaries and delivering stand out content, the agency is always on the lookout for cutting-edge tools to enhance their offering.

When pointdot discovered Leonardo.Ai, the team recognized the potential for Leonardo to elevate their creative and provide content marketing solutions for their clients.

They got to work thinking about how Leonardo’s AI-powered tools could help them gain a competitive edge, win new business and manage their margins.

Quote from Luc La Rossa Creative Manager at pointdot about Leonardo.Ai

Transforming Client Workflows

Leonardo.Ai has become an integral part of pointdot’s creative toolkit, particularly for conceptual pieces, storyboarding, and creating mood boards for clients.

The AI-powered platform allows the agency to explore new possibilities, whatever the budget, expanding their client offerings and speed-to-market.

Scaling Campaigns with AI-Powered Creative

Clients have been wowed by content created by the team using the software. The platform’s versatility and creative potential have impressed clients, reinforcing pointdot’s position as an innovative digital marketing agency. 

To showcase the power of AI to prospects, the team challenged themselves to create the best conceptual pointdot office space using Leonardo’s Image Generation tool. The results were impressive, bringing imaginative ideas to life in moments. 

Pointdot office AI generated Leonardo, farmhouse with working from home set-up
Pointdot office AI generated Leonardo, Sci Fi with purple lighting

Embracing the Future of Marketing

The pointdot team is confident that the future of marketing involves incredible humans leveraging AI tools. With Leonardo’s intuitive interface making it accessible to marketers and creatives alike. 

“If you’re looking for a way to diversify your output and grow your offering as an agency Leonardo is a great place to start.”

Luc La Rossa, Creative Manager, pointdot

pointdot’s experience highlights the incredible potential of AI-driven creative tools in the world of marketing and advertising. By embracing innovative tools like Leonardo, agencies can unlock creative horizons and deliver bleeding-edge solutions to their clients. 

If you’re ready to take your agency’s creative output to the next level, explore Leonardo for Teams and discover our new platform – designed for collaboration and built for business.